(CBS Local)– “Stargirl” on the CW Network has been one of the breakout TV hits of 2020 and actor Joy Osmanski is a big reason why.

The series has already been renewed for another season and Osmanski has been one of the most talked about performers in the show alongside Luke Wilson, Amy Smart and Joel McHale. Osmanski plays Paula Brooks/Tigress and she’s fully embraced the duality of her character and how this show is perfect for 2020.

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“I’ll be honest, it was kind of surreal the entire time,” said Osmanski in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “I’ve never done anything like this and this is pretty much completely out of my wheelhouse. It was all new and I do feel like something in me has been unleashed a little bit and I want to do more.”


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“Stargirl” is a superhero drama about a high school girl named Courtney Whitmore who brings together an unlikely group of people to battle villains of the past. Osmanski plays one of those villains and the role stretched her as an actor.

“It was the best of both worlds because I get to play this character who has this wonderfully developed veneer. She has her public face on and she’s really good at it,” said Osmanski. “She knows what she has to do to keep up that facade in this town. Then her real side is Tigress and when that gets unleashed, it’s just chaos and wonder and she has a great time.”

Osmanski says this show has resonated with a big audience because it checks all the boxes. The actor likes it’s good versus evil plot and also how it is representative of the world with a diverse cast and female lead. Diversity is important to Osmanski and she is honored to represent the Asian community in Hollywood.

“I think we are starting to see more and more of the fundamental need for that [diversity] because when I was growing up, there was next to no one and the people who were representing Asian-Americans, weren’t,” said Osmanski. “It was not an actual an Asian-American. When I saw people like Lucy Liu and Sandra Oh, they were so strong and doing their best to call the shots for their own careers and making decisions they knew they would be proud of 10, 20 years later. That was huge to see those faces on screen. I celebrate every person I see on screen because we are not that many still.”

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Watch “Stargirl” on The CW Network.