By Alecia Reid

WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS) — People traveling from the state of Delaware have been put on notice. They might have to quarantine for 14 days if they’re heading to places like New Jersey or New York.

As they push to flatten the curve in Delaware, Gov. John Carney says he is focused on moving to phase three of its reopening plan. But the state has had a bit of a setback.

New Jersey Expands Travel Advisory To 3 More States, Including Delaware

At one point during this pandemic, Delaware made it mandatory for anyone coming into the state to quarantine.

Anyone traveling leisurely from Delaware to New Jersey, New York or Connecticut should self-quarantine for 14 days.

Meanwhile, the governor of the First State says they are reacting first by ramping up testing.

“Testing in our beach communities in a significant way to get our arms around that outbreak whether it’s in hospitality, lifeguards, people traveling in and out,” Gov. Carney said.

That’s because the First State is now on a growing list of states where 10% of the people that they are testing for COVID-19 are positive.

The state has seen an uptick in cases in beach communities and the median age of those testing positive has changed.

Within the last few weeks, it has gone from 45 years old to young adults in their mid to upper 20s. On Tuesday, Gov. Carney offered some advice.

“Don’t make it a political statement. Just wear a mask to protect your family and the elderly, relatives, neighbors and friends,” he said.

The governor says as the state pushes to flatten the curve, he doesn’t believe they belong on the same list at Arizona, Texas, Florida, Mississippi, and South Carolina, as the percentage in those states is at least twice that of Delaware.

“Theirs is 10% positive. We’re at 5.3 today, and we want to be below five, which we have been before ” Gov. Carney said.

Officials from New Jersey confirmed that the travel advisory does not apply to commuters or business travelers, emphasizing that the ban applies to leisure and optional travel which they would continue to advise against at this time.