By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — With fireworks and thunderstorms throughout the summer, pet owners really have to pay attention to their pets. Animal advocate Carol Erickson joined Eyewitness News to show pet owners how to help their pets find comfort during storms and fireworks.

One in five dogs has a noise phobia and according to studies, female dogs are more likely to have this phobia. Older dogs are also more likely to be bothered by any kind of loud noises.

So, what can somebody do to stop all of the panting and the shaking?

Erickson says being confident around your pet is the best way to help. Another idea is closing the blinds, turning up the TV or anything that can drown out the sound from outside.

She also says that for some dogs during thunderstorms, giving them access to a bathroom helps.

“There is something about the tile floor, the metal pipes that seem to almost discharge any of the static electricity that they may be having trouble with,” Erickson said.

This is something to really pay attention to, do not punish them in these situations.

Give them the comfort of being a secure leader.

If your pet continues to show fear, Erickson recommends speaking with your veterinarian.

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