By Vittoria Woodill

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — With most online learning wrapped up for the school year, parents and kids will be looking for more ways to spark their creativity. Many have been turning to arts and crafts during this time at home.

From crayons to paints, Crayola is offering up some ideas for projects at home.

When you want to bring a rainbow to life, you think of Crayola. They are the masters of coloring our world in all sorts of fun ways and they just so happen to be a few miles away in Easton, Pennsylvania.

Crayola has been doing a lot of crafting and coloring at home, providing free resources online for kids and parents-turned-teachers.

“We knew that people were gonna need to adjust to that new normal and we wanted to be there to help, as we always have been,” Crayola brand content manager Steph Hudson said.

Watch the video to see some arts and craft ideas.

Vittoria Woodill