By Jessica Kartalija

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Aurora Archer and Kelly Croce Sorg came from vastly different backgrounds. Archer grew up in Texas, where her parents worked as a cook and groundskeeper for wealthy white families. Croce Sorg is the daughter of Pat Croce, the former owner of the Philadelphia 76ers.

But together, they are a force. Archer and Croce Sorg co-host “‎The Opt-In with Aurora + Kelly” podcast.

“I’m an Afro-Latina, my pronouns are she/her and I’m a co-host with Kelly on The Opt-In podcast,” Archer said.

“I’m Kelly Croce Sorg. I’m white, I go by she/her and I am the co-host of The Opt-In podcast with my bestie, Aurora Archer here,” Croce Sorg said.

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They’ve been doing the podcast for two years, but the conversation is more important than ever.

“As an Afro-Latina, this is a conversation that I have grown up having,” Aurora said. “As difficult as this moment is because there is a retraumatizing that is happening for all brown and black bodies and people, it’s imperative.”

“This is our problem,” Croce Sorg said. “This is not her problem to solve. She can’t do it alone and I don’t want to do it alone. So we wanted to put it out there for other people to join us and at least dip their toe in and listen.

“The shame runs deep. Conversations that I thought were deep with Aurora were actually, for me, I was very much on the surface. Now I see that I wasn’t viewing the same reality that Aurora was, so that took a lot of catch up and I’m still catching up.”

Archer and Croce Sorg are on the third season of their podcast. You can find their podcast here.

Watch the video to hear more from Archer and Croce Sorg on race and making change happen.

Jessica Kartalija