PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — After a week of unrest, Philadelphia has suffered millions of dollars in damage. More than 700 people have been arrested and community legacies have suffered.

That’s the story in West Philadelphia on 52nd Street after Sunday’s looting.

Before commuting to Dover, Delaware as a young teenager, West Philadelphia is where our Ukee Washington grew up. The same goes for state Sen. Vincent Hughes.

Washington and Hughes both attended Henry Charles Lea Elementary.

Recently they both lowered their masks and revealed some real conversation about that night in the neighborhood.

“We can deal with the issue of protest and anger, but it’s gotta be directed and it’s gotta be about changing something,” Hughes said. “It can’t be about destruction.”

Credit: CBS3

Can the West Philadelphia community overcome the turmoil?

“You lose that hope, then we’ve lost everything,” Hughes said.

How does the community heal?

“Conversation is real, talking to folks, engaging, but it can’t stop at conversation. It’s gotta be policy changes,” Hughes said.

Watch the video to see more from the conversation about policing, moving forward and rebuilding a community.

Ukee Washington