PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Small restaurants have been hoping to make it through the pandemic, so they can once again open for diners. Now, they face new hurdles. In the past few weeks, we’ve met a few small business owners through Takeout with Tori that have been very open about their fear of survival during the time of this pandemic.

Compounded by current events, safety is another fear, fearing their livelihoods will get caught in the crossfire of the city’s unrest.

Vittoria Woodill wanted to check in with a local business owner who had to board up her second brick and mortar location just yesterday.

“These past few months have been hard, we’ve been living in constant fear of survival,” said Tameka Bost, owner of The Better Box, LLC Twisted Eggrolls.

She was a few days shy of the grand opening and what she hoped was the figurative light at the end of the tunnel.

“You can’t stay bogged down in negativity and sadness, you have to look for the good in the situation,” Bost said. “The good in the situation is people are coming together.”

Bost also mentions that many individuals have reached out to her to see if they needed any help cleaning in case they had any damages.

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Vittoria Woodill