By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It looks like the Eagles are still in the head of former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady — two years after they beat them in the Super Bowl. Brady and Phil Mickelson faced off against Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods on Sunday in a charity golf match and the Birds were a hot topic.

“It’s the Eagles that I cringe bro, not the Falcons,” Brady said.

Manning joked that maybe he should have had Nick Foles be his caddy. Foles must have been watching because he tweeted, “I’ll come caddy and help you out against Tom. Let’s Go.”

Then, Foles offered Manning a little advice.

“Peyton, two words, if Tom and Phil start coming back. Philly Special. Go win it,” Foles tweeted.

Of course Foles will always have bragging rights over Brady after he scored a touchdown on the Philly Special to help the Eagles beat the Patriots in Super Bowl 52.

Foles and Eli Manning are the only quarterbacks to beat Brady in the big game.