By Kate Bilo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The kids are home and parents are always looking for ways to get them off the screens. Here’s an idea for getting outside — or something you could even do indoors — where kids can have some fun and learn, too.

I spoke with Lori Bergamotto, the style director for the Good Housekeeping magazine.

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“Whether you just have a small space of green backyard, whether you’re like me — I live in an apartment in a high rise. We just have two terraces. We can go to parks and appropriately social distance, but whatever you have is beneficial for the mental health of your children and get out of the house and get some fresh air,” Bergamotto said. “To that end, we have some really fun activities so they’re not enticed to go play with other kids or violate any social distancing.”

Do-it-yourself backyard bowling, with water bottles or even Pringles cans, and cornhole are two activities Bergamotto suggests.

Watch the video above for the full CBS3 SummerFest At Home interview.