PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There seems to be very little chance at this point that there will be full stadiums when and if the NFL kicks off its season this fall. Without fans in attendance, what kind of financial hit would teams take? According to Forbes, the answer is in the hundreds of millions.

Mike Ozanian wrote a piece for the site Monday, laying out the revenue that teams would miss out on if fans aren’t allowed to attend. The Philadelphia Eagles rank tied for eighth on that list of teams in terms of most revenue lost, totaling $204 million.

The numbers were based on figures from the 2018 season that showed stadium revenue — measured as the sum of tickets, concessions, sponsors, parking and team stores — accounts for 38% of revenue league-wide. That number varies by team however as some franchises bring in more stadium revenue than others.

To no one’s surprise, the Eagles’ biggest rival, the Dallas Cowboys, top the list at $621 million in stadium revenue.

But, the “good” news for the Eagles is that the lost stadium revenue would represent a smaller percentage of their total revenue than basically all of the team’s in that same top 10. The Eagles’ $204 million is just 42.3% of the team’s total revenue of $482 million. Every team ahead of them, save the 49ers — also at 42.3% of revenue — and Redskins at 41.3%, counts on stadium revenue as a larger percentage of total revenue than Jeffrey Lurie’s team.

Still, no fans in the stands would certainly hurt from a revenue standpoint. And, as the Forbes’ piece points out, it wouldn’t just hurt owners. Per the collective bargaining agreement, the players receive 47% of football related income in 2020 and 48% in 2021.