By Joe Holden

HAVERFORD TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — We’re now getting a look at police body camera footage of an arrest in Haverford Township. Police say the video shows a fuller extent of what happened as officers struggled with a suspect.

Haverford Township Police on Tuesday released officer body camera footage to CBS3. It shows fresh angles of a struggle between officers and a man they say was under the influence of an illicit drug.

A video of the incident first surfaced last week on Facebook in what investigators say only showed the tail end of the arrest.

Police were first called for a man asleep in the middle of a driveway the afternoon of Sunday, May 3. Medics arrived, evaluated the situation and left a short time later.

In attempting to place the man, identified as Christopher Ricciuti, under arrest for alleged public intoxication, investigators say he repeatedly resisted.

Footage shows the suspect taking off, cuffs dangling from his one hand. Officers unsuccessfully deployed tasers.

They eventually caught up with him before, they say, he ran into traffic. Video shows Ricciuti trying to disarm the officers of their tasers and batons.

A review of the incident by the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office found the officers acted appropriately with their use of force, batons and lower-body blows in trying to subdue the suspect.

Haverford Township Police declined an on-camera interview.

Ricciuti is charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, disarming a law enforcement officer and public drunkenness.

He is free on bail. His court records did not list an attorney.