By Alexandria Hoff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The protective order forbidding foreclosures or evictions in Pennsylvania was scheduled to end on Monday. Today, Gov. Tom Wolf announced that he will be extending that measure, but it’s not a free pass.

The pause button will remain pushed on foreclosures and evictions in Pennsylvania through July 10.

“That’s an additional 60 days from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s order,” Wolf said.

The declaration by Wolf was made to assist the 1.7 million Pennsylvanians suddenly out of work and those seeing reduced paychecks.

“The key here is making sure that an eviction can not happen, not only during this crisis but in the weeks and months thereafter,” Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said.

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The extension was announced with Shapiro, who said that his office has negotiated with 15 or so banks to offer relief to landlords.

“I think it’s important for landlords to realize that there are federal resources potentially available to them through Paycheck Protection Program,” Shapiro said.

This extension is not a free pass, rent and mortgage payments are still due. The difference is that residents can’t be forced out of their homes.

“If you don’t make payments you could be accruing back owed amounts, as well as late penalties,” Wolf said.

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“Don’t invite a foreclosure or an eviction upon yourself because when this is over in a few months, this stay, having a foreclosure or eviction on your record will make it very hard to get another loan,” local real estate attorney Scott Reidenbach said.

For those dealing with financial hardship, Reidenbach urges against complacency during the governor’s extension.

“Use that time wisely to renegotiate with your landlord, get your house in order and your affairs in order. That way, when this is over, you won’t be forced into an eviction or a foreclosure situation,” Reidenbach said.

Alexandria Hoff