By Jim Donovan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — With thousands of planes grounded around the world, the coronavirus pandemic has hit the airline industry hard. The head of the nation’s largest pilot union wants airlines to adopt safety protocols before resuming business as usual.

President of the Air Line Pilots Association Capt. Joe Depete joined Eyewitness News Thursday morning.

Depete says the association has over 300 pilots tested for the coronavirus and there have been three deaths so far.

“We believe we’re testing about the average right now, we have deep concerns about that,” Depete said.

The Air Line Pilots Association is following a set of guidelines issued by the FAA, which are basically guidelines from the CDC, on how to handle the pandemic.

Depete says there needs to be a mandated standardized approach for all airlines to follow.

“Some airlines really do a good job, some airlines do not such a great job,” Depete said. “The virus doesn’t care whether you did a good job in one area and have a gaping hole in the other. We need a mandated standardized approach to dealing with the COVID crisis.”