By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — During this crisis we have been regularly checking in with medical experts on the front lines of the fight against the outbreak. Dr. Rob Danoff, who is on the frontlines in the battle against the coronavirus and oversees a testing center for Jefferson Hospital in Bucks County, joined Eyewitness News on Friday.

Q: What are your thoughts on the new report from Northeastern University that suggests the virus was here much earlier than we thought?

“A lot of us think January, possibly December, November. The reason why, people were having strange symptoms, we thought maybe it’s the flu. We would test them for the flu, but it wasn’t. Now that the antibody test is available, it’s going to show that more and more people had these antibodies. I believe that a lot of people believe it has been circulating. The reason we didn’t know is because we weren’t testing at the time.”

Q: Gov. Tom Wolf has proposed a color-coded plan to reopen Pennsylvania in phases. It’s based on the number of positive cases based on the population. What are your reactions?

“I think that makes total sense because this goes in waves. So areas very low make sense to open up while still maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask outside. In areas where there are still a lot of cases and in our area there are a lot of new cases, once that levels out and decreases then we will open up. It makes a lot of sense, it’s a good plan.”

Q: Give us the rundown on how to properly wear a mask it seems like a lot of people are still doing it wrong.

“Wearing a mask properly is so important. Make sure your nose and mouth are covered, don’t touch the front of your mask anymore during the day. It’s important to wash your hands before you put it on and when you take it off, hold it by the strings and then wash your hands. If it’s a paper mask, dispose of it at the end of the day. If you’re wearing a mask that you make, it’s important that you wash it every day.”