PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the lives of everyone across the United States. In the midst of all of it, there are thousands of healthcare workers, grocery store workers, mass transit drivers and other essential employees who have kept the city running as we try to fight the pandemic.

As a thank you to all of those, and a representation of what the city of Philadelphia is all about, its four major professional sports teams released a video Wednesday. Spliced with shots of some of Philadelphia’s greatest sports moments are videos of various essential employees delivering a message of thanks and hope with a reminder of the heart of the city.

There is one particular bit of narration that encapsulates the feeling and the heart of the city well.

“Until then, we root for what we’ve always rooted for. Like our greatest moments, watching in slow motion. Hearts worn on our sleeves, no backing down from the fight, laid it all on the line. That’s what brings us together time after time. Here, we don’t quit when we have had enough. We don’t hang up the gloves. We rise above. This is the City of Brotherly Love.”