By CBS3 Staff

TREDYFFRIN TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) – Police officers in Pennsylvania want to remind motorists that traffic laws remain in effect during the pandemic. Tredyffrin Township police say although they’ve noticed less traffic recently, they’ve also noticed more disobedience on the roadways – leading to worse crashes.

“Some motorists seem to be interpreting the decrease in traffic as an invitation to speed, or disregard traffic lanes, signs, or signals,” Tredyffrin Township police posted on Facebook. “While we are seeing less crashes on the roadways, the crashes that are occurring are often worse than normal, no doubt a result of these contributing factors. We remind you that ALL of Pennsylvania’s traffic laws remain in effect, and WILL be enforced when a violation presents a risk to public safety.”

Tredyffrin police say they hope motorists continue to do their part in obeying social distancing rules but also help officers out by obeying all traffic laws and speed limits.