By Jan Carabeo

CHERRY HILL, N.J. (CBS) — The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases continues to climb, but so does the number of people who have recovered from the virus. Brett Breslow, of Cherry Hill, is now on the mend after fighting COVID-19 for weeks.

(credit: CBS3)

The Breslow family is calling it their “Passover miracle.”

“It been an amazing and terrifying 21 days today,” Brett’s brother, Peter Breslow, said.


Brett Breslow is now beating COVID-19 after spending 19 days on a ventilator in Cooper Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

“They finally took him off the ventilator. They extubated him. He was able to communicate,” Peter Breslow said. “He’s up, he’s asking for drinks. They’re giving him ice chips, not beer yet. We’re excited to get him back.”

Brett Breslow will have to stay in the ICU for the next couple of days. His family says he continues to improve, and today, he may even start physical therapy.

His battle, however, has not been easy.

“He had to have multiple transfusions. He needed a plasma transfusion, he needed a blood transfusion,” Brett’s wife, Amy Breslow, said. “He was fighting every obstacle, every step of the way.”

Amy Breslow pleaded with the public to donate plasma. The family was in search of plasma from a person who had recovered from COVID-19, with the hope it contained antibodies that would help fight the virus.

While Brett Breslow didn’t end up getting that treatment, his wife still hopes donors will continue to help.

“We hope more people come forward and will continue giving now that the process has been streamlined,” Amy Breslow said.

The family says Brett Breslow is an example of how this virus can impact anyone. He’s a healthy 50-year-old with no underlying conditions.


He’s a Navy veteran who served in the Gulf War and was taken down by an invisible enemy.

“To hear a healthy guy like my brother was struck down like this, it is just terrifying,” Peter Breslow said.

Now, as Brett Breslow recovers, this New Jerseyan also serves as a source of hope to so many others still struggling.