By Howard Monroe

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Nonprofit organizations and everyday heroes are working on overdrive to make sure hospital workers are fed during these trying times.

“When you finally heart that they are literally working tirelessly for longer hours than they actually should, it does really impacts you,” said Dr. Dennis Carradin, CEO of the Trauma Survivors Foundation. “It makes you feel, wow what can I do at home?”

What you can do is help.

Pizzas at Slice in South Philadelphia are going out like hotcakes for nearby nurses and doctors. On Thursday, pizzas were delivered to the COVID-19 team at Methodist Hospital.

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For them, it’s free and it’s made possible by donations from the community.

On Thursday night, a “generous donor” placed a $2,000-plus order of 100 pizzas from Slice to go to health care workers at various hospitals in the region.

Operating Room Teams with donated pizzas from the Hospital Heroes Food Drive at Jefferson University Hospital

Some of those pizzas were delivered at various hospitals in the city on Thursday night. The rest will be delivered to health care workers at Temple University Hospital by lunchtime Friday.

A nurse at Pennsylvania Hospital poses with donated pizzas as part of the Hospital Heroes Food Drive.

Carradin says his organization has already helped deliver 3,500 meals to area health care workers.

“If you’re a restaurant, we want to help you by buying food from you,” he said. “And if you’re a consumer, donate to us — 100% of all the money that we’ve received goes out to the restaurants that ultimately goes out to the hospital workers.”

Derek Gibbons and his organization, WeCooked, is also collecting money to help feed hospital workers.


“They’re really the ones doing the most work right now,” Gibbons said.

With a $10 donation, WeCooked is able to deliver two free meals. They’re sending out between 40 and 50 meals per day to health care workers in the area.

“To be able to provide them a meal so that they can stay in the battle zone and continue to do what they need to do has been great,” Gibbons said.

To donate to the Trauma Survivors Foundation’s Hospital Heroes Food Drive, click here.

To donate to WeCooked, click here.