By Vittoria Woodill

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Organizations and companies all across the world are stepping up to entertain and educate people during the coronavirus pandemic. Many of them are doing it for free.

There are plenty of freebies that you won’t want to miss out on.

While the internet always gave access and plenty of unlimited resources, now more than ever is the time to take advantage of them — for free.

So many companies, and even celebrities, are offering so many things online to entertain us, educate us and make the many minutes pass by staying home a bit more bearable.

So here’s a list of some freebies for families and for all.

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Let’s go to the movies. So many networks and streaming sites are offering free streaming of some of your favorite movies, TV shows, sports highlights and even live TV.

So how about that movie night without the ticket price?

Also, don’t forget you can even stream CBS All Access for free until April 23 with the code gift.

This might be music to your hears, how about free concerts from rockstars?

John Legend, Coldplay and Keith Urban have all been singing for free on social media so you can escape time and unwind. There are also plenty of free music lessons online if you are practicing to be a rockstar yourself.

Now, if you want to unleash your inner artist, artists and illustrators are offering free classes online as well.


Imagine learning how to draw from the author of your favorite children’s book? It can happen, all you have to do is sharpen your pencils.

If you want to sharpen up your body, well consider the internet and social media platforms a library for free fitness classes. Yoga, barre and full-body workouts are prime for the picking to keep you healthy while staying safe at home and all you have to do is scroll and select.

Finally, since school is out and home-school is in session, if you’re a parent that feels overwhelmed from the thought of having to play teacher, there are plenty of sites there for you with online courses and entertaining yet educational teaching tools that can help the kids and you.

So, if there is anyone out there that feels alone, we are alone together and with these free resources, you can still feel connected to people and your favorite hobbies all the while staying safe and staying home.

Vittoria Woodill