By Kimberly Davis

MERCHANTVILLE, N.J. (CBS) — For Christians, Easter is the holiest of holidays. One tradition — receiving communion — won’t be possible this year for many followers because of the coronavirus crisis. But one South Jersey church found a way for followers to continue the meaningful custom.

With Easter just days away, churches will be worshipping differently this year due to COVID-19.

But one South Jersey church is getting creative in how they celebrate.

New Jersey may be under a stay-at-home order, but it’s not stopping the faithful from coming up with creative ways to celebrate Easter all while practicing social distancing.

“We determined you know what, let’s hand out communion and then live-stream our service on Friday,” High Place Church Senior Pastor Edgar Alvarez said, “and then in the evening, we’re all going to partake virtually together.”

The Merchantville church figured out a way to still fellowship all while obeying the laws of the land.

“We’re using technology to our advantage, and at the same time, we’re using our faith but we’re not being reckless with our faith,” Alvarez said. “We’re being very wise and at the same time, we’re cooperating with the government.”

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As Eyewitness News continues to practice social distancing, we found one of the youngest believers willing to help out during our interview.

And High Place church members are grateful for the drive-thru communion pickup.

“This is very creative. This is actually very, very nice,” Jarelys Rivera said.

Though members are thankful, they do miss how things used to be.

“It’s very different. It’s something to get used to and hopefully, it won’t last that long,” one woman said.

Alvarez agrees.

“We might be in quarantine, but the Lord Jesus, he’s not in quarantine,” Alvarez said. “He was only in quarantine for about three days and after this, he said no more of this so I’m praying he just ends this all together.”