By Vittoria Woodill

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) — This is a difficult time for sure, but it’s also one we will be talking about for years. So why not document it with a “porch portrait”?

A New Jersey photograph is helping families document this crazy time we are living through.

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Photographer Alleah Bucs saw a post from one of her Facebook friends saying she was going crazy. So she grabbed her camera, called her neighbors and starting shooting “porch portraits” in her town of Hainesport.

She’s taking the photos six feet apart and is multiplying it thanks to a zoom lens.

Bucs tells CBS3 she’s shot photos of almost 50 families.

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“It was just really cool, just something to break it up a little bit,” Bucs said.

She even brought her kids along for the ride as they watched the photoshoots from the sunroof of Bucs’ car.

She’s even had neighbors get creative with their photos. One couple was hopping over their fence waving and two little boys dressed in inflatable dinosaur costumes.

Bucs says taking the porch portraits is a fun way to break up the day.

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Watch the video above for the full interview. 

Vittoria Woodill