PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – In the battle against the coronavirus, doctors and nurses are working endless hours on their feet. It can be grueling, but a Philadelphia-based sneaker company stepped in to try to lift their spirits.

Only Eyewitness News was there Thursday as a group of health care heroes gathered for their morning meeting outside of Penn Medicine’s COVID-19 testing site in West Philadelphia.

“I couldn’t wait to get there and surprise them,” Clove founder Joe Ammon said.

They’re called the “swab-squad” because they help test patients for the coronavirus. They had no idea what a sneaky sneaker company was up to.

“They obviously didn’t know why we were carrying these giant brown boxes,” Clove chief brand ambassador Jordyn Amoroso said.

The company is called Clove and it designs easy-to-clean shoes specifically for health care workers who spend long shifts on their feet.

To help those on the frontlines, Clove gave a surprise donation of shoes, in their size, to each of them.

“We actually gifted 26 pairs of Cloves to the COVID task force this morning,” Amoroso said.

Coronavirus Latest: Medical Workers Receive 'Sneaky' Surprise From Philadelphia-Based Sneaker Company

“We’re going to continue to do everything we can to support the people who need it the most right now,” Ammon said.

The company also collected thank you messages from children across the city.

“Getting sneakers that keep them safe and protective is really exciting and they’re appreciative and really supportive, but what really did them over was the rainbows from the kids around the city,” Amoroso said.

Watching that really does your heart a lot of good.

Meanwhile, La Colombe Coffee also donated draft lattes to the Swab Squad.