By CBS3 Staff

DOVER, Del. (CBS) — Delaware officials say 11 people in the state have now died from the coronavirus, as overall cases rose to 368 on Wednesday. That includes 226 cases in New Castle County, 101 in Sussex and 41 in Kent County.

Delaware’s director of public health is warning everyone to follow health guidelines. Dr. Karyl Rattay said Delaware cases are often tied to people going to work with symptoms of COVID-19.

Rattay also said she has heard disturbing stories from other places of people gathering with fatal consequences.

“I keep hearing stories about individuals who are in their 70s, 80s, getting together for parties, and the reality is then we’re seeing people succumb to illness after. Some of the things that we keep seeing over and over in our cases is that people are not being compliant with a lot of the guidance that is given,” Rattay said. “People are going out, people are going to work when they are ill. Any symptoms of illness, please, please, please, do not go to work.”

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Rattay said many people, even the elderly, can carry the virus and spread it without having symptoms, so everyone should act as though they have it and take precautions.