By Crystal Cranmore

PAULSBORO, N.J. (CBS) — A rare domestic travel advisory is now in effect across New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. The advisory comes as an attempt to combat the coronavirus.

“Traffic’s been a little more relaxed,” Brent Cyr said.

They’ll likely be even more relaxed in the coming days under a new domestic travel advisory by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, issued Saturday.

Officials are hoping to pump the brakes on unnecessary travel in New Jersey, echoing stay-at-home orders across the region and fueling the fight against COVID-19.

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“People are staying home. Seems to be that they are following the recommendations closely,” Cyr said.

The advisory does not apply to those in the trucking industry like Cyr, who are still blazing the highways.

He’s been delivering potatoes from Canada to markets here in South Jersey.

He says the pandemic has increased the demand for necessities, forcing truck drivers to spend more time on the road.

“I know loads, specifically refrigerated goods, have been up. I’ve definitely a little busier than I was,” he said.

The advisory exempts others in critical infrastructure industries, including those in the food supply, financial services and public health and the recommendation extends to New York and Connecticut.


“It’s a necessary step, it’s part of the containment, the social distancing,” Dr. Annette Reboli, the dean of the Cooper Medical School of Rowan University, said.

She added that she worries about the impact social isolation could have on mental health.

“I especially worry about disabled, the elderly or people who don’t have families who can check on them,” Reboli said.

She went on to say the pros of the advisory outweigh the negatives. The guidelines will last 14 days.