By Dan Koob

HADDONFIELD, N.J. (CBS) — An act of kindness in a frightening time. Someone is surprising health care workers in Camden County by leaving a little something at their door amid the coronavirus pandemic.

As life comes to a halt for most, someone in Haddonfield Township is spreading happiness.

“Who would ding and ditch? It just seemed kind of odd,” Dr. Katie Gargiulo, a pediatrician, said.

Riding around town leaving behind a bouquet of flowers, one after another, all for health care workers in the township.

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But their identity remains a mystery.

They say the bouquet bandit comes up to people’s doors, rings the doorbell and then runs away.

“I can tell you they have a brown minivan. That’s about it,” Dr. Jen Barker, a pediatrician in Washington Township, said. “It said, ‘thank you to all of our health care workers.’ And it was incredibly sweet. When I went on Facebook to thank whoever did it, I saw that lots of other people had gotten flowers too, which was even better.”


Despite the anonymity, health care workers are overwhelmed by the kindness in these uncertain times.

“I did have happy tears. It’s just been a really hard week and day. It made everyone in the house really happy,” Barker said.