By Vittoria Woodill

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Many people are stuck at home, gyms are closed and schedules are topsy turvy due to stay-at-home orders due to the coronavirus. But experts say still getting in that workout may help keep you happy and healthy.

Our Vittoria Woodill enlisted the help of local mom and fitness expert Ashley Reid for some tips to get the whole family moving, grooving and active.

TIP 1: If you’re at home with your children, be creative in what you consider a workout. Kids will be excited about that!

 TIP 2: Keep in mind what kids are capable of. In general, kids don’t have the stamina.

TIP 3: Intentionally try to break it up. Research has shown that working out at least 10 minutes at a time will give you that health benefit.

TIP 4: Not everyone does dance fitness but you’re going to be moving, your child is going to be moving. Your kid will be distracted and you can throw in some moves that your child is not going to do and it’s fun!

TIP 5: Don’t try to replicate your normal workout routine. Use this as an opportunity for recovery. Maybe you have a couple of weeks of downtime when you’re not doing heavy lifting but doing some bodyweight exercises.

Watch the video for Vittoria Woodill’s full report.

Vittoria Woodill