By Vittoria Woodill

HATBORO, Pa. (CBS) — A Hatboro restaurant is giving a hand to people in their town who need it. While many of us are doing all we can to protect and provide for ourselves and our families, our communities are just as important to care for.

And so we’re tipping our hats to the community of Hatboro, where a local restaurant is feeding its families in need with free meals thanks to donations from neighbors.

“People are coming. They’re calling every day, asking if we’re giving out free meals,” Hatboro Dish owner Jackie Evangelista said.

Recently, Evangelista has been dishing out family meal packs for purchase, but the meals extend way beyond a family of four. They feed the length of this line for free.

Credit: CBS3

“Whatever anyone has dropped off, we’re giving out,” Evangelista said.

The other night, Evangelista gave out 350 meals and she says she will continue to do this as long as the donations keep coming in.

“There’s always people in need during a time of crisis and that yes, we need to take precautions for ourselves, but don’t forget the people that really need help during this difficult time,” Evangelista said.

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Vittoria Woodill