(CBS Local) – The coronavirus pandemic has affected companies across the world as production grinds to a halt amid closures and social distancing measures put in place to attempt to prevent further spread of the disease. On Wednesday, BAUER Hockey, the maker of hockey equipment for much of North America, announced that it will use its manufacturing facilities to begin producing face shields for doctors.

According to a report from ESPN, the company will begin shipping out to hospitals next week. As of this morning, the company reportedly had orders for over 100,000 units across Canada. Their CEO told ESPN that he wants to provide for the United States as well.

“In the U.S., honestly, the word is not out yet,” Ed Kinnaly told ESPN. “We’ve been doing outreach to various medical entities, we’re also going to use our social channels to basically let the medical community know that we have the ability to produce these.”

The medical shields are worn in conjunction with regular face masks that go over the nose and mouth, but they provide extra protection by also covering the rest of the face and eyes.

According to Kinnaly, the masks cost $3, including shipping in the U.S. He told ESPN that the company will be locally sourcing all materials needed for the masks at their facilities in Quebec and Liverpool, New York.