By CBS3 Staff

DOVER, Del. (CBS) — A stay-at-home order is now in effect in Delaware. That means residents can only leave their homes for essential activities.

Delaware Gov. John Carney joined Eyewitness News on Tuesday to talk more about the restrictions in place.

Q: What is and what isn’t allowed during a stay-at-home order?

A: “Basically we want all Delawareans to stay at home in their houses, only to go outside to go to work at a permitted business, to go to the grocery store, to go outside for a walk,” Carney said. “The objective really is to reduce the spread of the virus here in our state.”

Q: All schools in Delaware will remain closed until May 15. Is it expected children will go back before the end of the school year?

A: “We’re in a situation now where the infection rate is increasing in Delaware and the situation is getting worse so we’re gonna be out a longer period of time. We don’t know what that period of time is gonna be,” Carney said. “We don’t know whether we’ll have to extend beyond that but we wanted to give them a target where they knew that they would still be closed.”

Watch the full video for more from Gov. Carney.