By Pat Gallen

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Holy Family University is still buzzing after an incredible basketball game last weekend. Buzzer-beaters are what make the end of a college basketball game so great — you just never know what’ll happen in the most crucial moments.

Last week there was a buzzer-beater in Philadelphia that went national — and for a good reason.

The perfect college basketball buzzer-beater has to have everything. An amazing pass, an improbable shot, maybe even a great call.

All of that was on display when Holy Family University beat Jefferson University in dramatic fashion.

With four-tenths of a second left, off a pass from freshman Jake McGonigle, sophomore Eric Esposito hit the shot of a lifetime.

“I knew coach was gonna make me inbound it because I’ve got a good arm,” Esposito said. “And we have a play for that. But I was just pleading my case, like I’m not inbounding this one. I was having a good shooting day so I was like don’t let me inbound this. So they had Jake inbound it, coach drew up a play, I do a little circle around our big man, just fly up the court. And the rest is history from then.”

Tigers head coach Ryan Haigh changed his mind because of the degree of difficulty.

“I knew it was going to have to be an athletic play just because of the amount of time that was on the clock. So that’s kinda why when he rolled his eyes at me, he kind of like gave me a pouting look. I was like, ‘Scratch that. Jake, you’re gonna throw the ball in.”

Esposito says everything was “perfect.”

“The pass, the spot. That’s something you can probably never recreate,” Esposito said.

After walking CBS3’s Pat Gallen through the play, we gave it our own one-in-a-million shot.

And Eric is right, it’s impossible to recreate it.