By Chandler Lutz

PALMYRA, N.J. (CBS) — Chandler Lutz gives 3 Cheers to a South Jersey woman who created a “cat lounge” to save animals. It’s South Jersey’s first cat lounge, helping people and cats.

It’s a safe space for all to come and relax with adoptable kitties.

“We want to build a positive perception of cats, and the way to do that is by seeing them, petting them, experiencing time with them,” said Lori Genstein, the founder of PURRsonal Space Cat Lounge in Palmyra. “These cats are homeless but they need playtime and affection too. All it takes is for one share of a photo or one mention of a cat they met that could lead to an adoption.”

This is why Lori does what she does.

3 Cheers: South Jersey Woman Creates 'Lounge' For Rescue Cats

Lori Genstein, the founder of PURRsonal Space Cat Lounge in Palmyra

Genstein started out as a professional pet sitter, “and I found that there was a lot of need for education and awareness.”

Genstein created this welcoming environment at PURRsonal Space Cat Lounge. With local art, calming tunes and toys for all types of cats, it’s a place for people to come and meet cats that need homes.

“Sometimes people come, they don’t like cats, they don’t want to adopt cats, but after just being here, they take something positive with them,” she said.

There are no employees at PURRsonal Space, only volunteers. Genstein and her team of eight volunteers work with local rescues to find these cats. Each cat goes through a foster family before coming to the lounge.

The Lounge does not have cages. “The whole space is theirs,” she said, “So we enter their home! Temporary home, though.”

The goal: to get these felines adopted, “not just adopting them out, but into loving and nurturing families.” Lori is also passionate about education and prevention so that these cats never become homeless again.

“To me, this is like a paradise place,” said volunteer Fran Milano. “I do take a deep breath when I come in here, and I feel like my stress relieves.” Fran Milano has been volunteering at the Lounge since it opened in May 2018. “I come in and all I want to do is sit on the floor and let the cats come to me.”

“It’s beautiful … I have goosebumps!” Genstein said of seeing people come in to spend time with the cats. “It’s beautiful to see the relationship, the engagement, reading with their children. It’s quality time. People spend quality time here.” Lori says she also sees siblings come who might not get along engage with one another while playing with the cats.

The Lounge even makes for a great date spot! “You aren’t just focused on one another, the jitters go away.”

For providing that quality time and fur-ever homes, we say 3 Cheers to Genstein and her PURRsonal Space Cat Lounge.

“It’s awesome that somebody’s out there caring about these cats,” Milano said.

The lounge charges a small fee for your visit and asks that you make a reservation. The money goes toward food, vet visits, and supplies all for the cats.

If you are interested in visiting PURRsonal Space Cat Lounge or planning your next party there, click here for more.