By Joe Holden

SPRINGFIELD, Pa. (CBS) — A woman says she was approached by a man she feared had bad intentions while she shopped at a Target store in Delaware County. She now has a warning for others.

Outside of the Springfield Mall Target on a busy Monday morning, a Delaware County mom says she panicked, fearing the worst when a man aggressively approached her.

She says he wouldn’t back off while peppering her with questions. She wrote about the encounter on Facebook as a warning shot to other moms who shop here.

“I don’t know what I would have done,” one shopper said.

News of the incident stunned some shoppers.

“It’s always best to assume the worst so you could be prepared — at least try to,” said West Philadelphia resident Vickey Obeng.

The woman, whose identity we’re withholding, says she was able to separate herself from the man with a shopping cart. She then reached for her mace, which she didn’t have to use. The man took off running.

Women Eyewitness News chatted with sorted through how they’d react.

“Honestly, I don’t know,” said West Philadelphia resident Nadeevah. “I’ve been in that situation. It happens, I’m not sure what I would do in that moment.”

Springfield Mall managers were irritated by CBS3’s presence, kicking us off the property.

Police took a report on the incident Tuesday morning. People think posting about the incident was the right thing to do.

“Good, she’s letting everybody know to watch out for your surroundings,” a shopper named Cheryl said.

The company that manages the mall released a statement Tuesday.

“We are moving forward with a formal security report and will report the incident to officials should the situation escalate. In the meantime, all security at Springfield Mall have been briefed on the incident and are alert should this occur again,” said Executive Vice President of Strategy and Communications Heather Crowell.

Police say, from the video surveillance they reviewed, they have determined there does not appear to be a crime.

Still, they are trying to find out the man’s identity to find out what his intentions were.