By Vittoria Woodill

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — One of West Philadelphia’s newest restaurants offers vegan versions of some of your favorite dishes. Think a burger — minus the meat.

In West Philly, there’s a place called Veganish that’s making the concrete blocks of Girard Avenue a little brighter by adding a little more green.

“It’s less about how you cook your food and more about what it is you’re actually eating,” owner Lamarr Ingram said.

Veganish is a new hot spot in the neighborhood that has locals noshing on burgers, piping hot cheese fries and buffalo bites without the wings, without the dairy and without the meat — except for a few seafood items.

Twenty-five of the 28 items on the menu are 100% vegan.

Ingram has been vegan for about three years and he changed the tune to his diet when his doctor gave him a choice. It was either medicine or make a change.

“My doctor gave me six months to lower my cholesterol and he threatened me with medicine,” he said, “and a lightbulb went on and I decided to try a vegan diet. Things that come back from an animal would affect your cholesterol. When I went back to the doctor, my doctor looked at the paperwork, looked at me and he was amazed I was in a normal range. Just to be able to do it naturally on a vegan diet was rewarding.”

Watch the full Taste With Tori at Veganish in West Philadelphia above.

Vittoria Woodill