By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Faculty and staff at one Philadelphia elementary school are demanding something be done about what they call “poor and unsafe” conditions in their school. The staff at Ethan Allen Elementary in Mayfair shared photos of the conditions exclusively with Eyewitness News.

In the photos, you can see exposed pipes and chipped paint.

One teacher tells Eyewitness News the ceiling is literally falling down on them. The faculty says they complained to the school district and the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, but nothing is being done.

So, Eyewitness News asked the district to explain.

“We are appreciative to be made aware of the situation. We did send a crew out Friday morning to look into the matter and see when this may have occurred. We did some testing over the weekend and it found no asbestos,” School District of Philadelphia spokesperson Monica Lewis said. “Our main priority and our top goal is always to make sure that our students have an environmentally safe and sound building for them to learn in. And so again, we are looking into the matter to see how soon we can get it addressed.”

Teachers and faculty say the poor conditions at Ethan Allen are not a new problem, but the issues have worsened over the past several months.