By Trang Do

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –  Philadelphia police are investigating a homicide after finding a body inside a burning car in the city’s Logan section on Thursday morning. Investigators say the body is burned so badly that they are unable to determine race or gender just yet.

Just before 2 a.m., police and fire were called to a car on fire on West Fishers Lane near North 15th Street. When crews arrived, they found a 2007 Mercedes station wagon fully engulfed in flames.

Police say it took firefighters ten minutes to put out the flames. Once the fire was out that’s when crews discovered the body in the front passenger seat with the door wide open.

Investigators say the body is burned beyond recognition and was positioned in a strange way. They say the body was positioned on its back with its head facing down and its feet facing towards the ceiling.

“You can’t determine whether or not this body is a male or female. You can’t tell the age because it’s completely burned down to the bone,” Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small said.

WARNING: Video in tweet contains graphic language

Small says the car is registered to a Philadelphia address but not in the neighborhood.

Investigators will be visiting businesses in the area in the hopes that surveillance cameras captured something that may help in the investigation.