By Chandler Lutz

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Chandler Lutz gives 3 Cheers to three Philadelphia teens and tweens using music to make their stand against bullying. Saniyah Babb, Rashiyah Dennis and Giselle Martin, whose stage names are Jaye, Bronze and Gigi, are fierce young ladies. They call themselves The Royal Mix.

3 Cheers: Girl Hip-Hop Group Fights Bullying

The Royal Mix

“We’re royal!” 10-year-old Giselle said.

Thirteen-year-old Rashiyah agreed. “Yes, we are princesses.”

They laughed as they reached up to their tiaras. “We love to wear tiaras,” Giselle said.

This Philly-based hip-hop trio is out to show their peers how to be unique.

“We all come from a mixed background, a mixed DNA, and we all can do a lot of things. We can dance, sing and rap, and it’s all a mix,” Giselle said.

“Mix-talented,” 12-year-old Saniyah said.

The girls are ready to take on bullying.

Saniyah said, “I would get bullied because I wore glasses. Then I got braces and that added on: ‘the geek, the nerd.'”

These urban princesses have found a way to empower others through their music.

Saniyah said their music “encourages them, for them to be their self, love yourself.”

While balancing good grades in school, the girls travel across the city hosting their own anti-bullying assemblies based on their song “Royal Geek.”

Rashiyah explained, “The ‘Royal Geek’ song is basically a song to help with your self-love and your confidence, so that you don’t let your bully win, and you win and you are undefeated.

“We want more of our peers to understand, and we want adults to understand, like, the message and why we are doing this, because you don’t see kid anti-bullying advocates every day.”

“I turned on the video and I said, ‘These girls!'” CBS3’s Chandler Lutz said. “There’s so much confidence there!”

“All I’m gonna say is, Zendaya and Beyoncé,” Giselle said. “They are like my two big inspirations.”

For teaching others to speak up and find their voice, we say 3 Cheers to Gigi, Jaye and Bronze.

You can see their anti-bullying short film on YouTube.