By Natasha Brown

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Love was all around the country on Valentine’s Day, but especially in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly and sisterly affection. That nickname proved true on Friday as Philadelphia officials hosted a mass wedding at City Hall in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Love was certainly in the air at Philadephia City Hall as Valentine’s day turned into quite a wedding frenzy for dozens of couples, all racing to the courtroom to say “I Do.”

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Marriages were happening at a dizzying pace at Philadelphia City Hall on Friday.

The views and the “I Do’s” were coming so fast and furiously on Valentine’s Day as a wedding extravaganza kicked off at 12 p.m.

“What’s more special than him giving me on Valentine’s Day his devotion, loyalty, his last name and me giving it back to him?” bride Jazmin Melendez said.

Ten volunteer judges married 50 different couples at City Hall within a one-hour period and while you can always get married at City Hall on any given day, there is just something about this day that makes it all more special.

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“I think every judge in our system would come do this if they could because this is a great event. We get an opportunity to see people at their best, ready to make a life together. It’s an honor for a judge to be able to do this today,” Judge Patrick Dugan said.

Couples got the chance to have a photo-op after the ceremony with the judges and the register of wills, capturing their moment of joy and matrimony.

“I always saw it on TV and I like the number 21420 and we just decided to do it,” newlywed Blair Rumsey said.

While the marriages happened rapidly, those committing to love and matrimony are hoping for a lasting, committed and forever love with their new spouse.

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Wedding ceremonies usually take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at City Hall, but first-term Register of Wills Tracey Gordon wanted to make this Valentine’s Day ceremony a special event.