By Stephanie Stahl

WAYNE, Pa.  (CBS) — Running is a great heart-healthy workout and on Valentine’s Day, there’s a more romantic way to stay healthy. How about some rumba or tango to celebrate Valentine’s Day? On this day of romance, there’s a reminder from doctors about the health benefits linked to dancing.

Doctors say it’s good for your mind, body and relationship.

Feeling young and moving to the beat and it doesn’t matter if you have two left feet. This Fred Astaire Dance Class in Wayne gets students moving.

Chet and Kathy Gleba say dancing has changed their lives. They were looking for a hobby and something they could do together.

They found dancing came with some unexpected extra benefits.

“You become physically fit and you just feel better about yourself,” Kathy Gleba said.

Research has linked dancing to a variety of health benefits, mainly cardiovascular from the aerobic activity.

“I lost at least 50 pounds as a result of dancing and wanting to look better,” Chet Gleba said.

Instructor Roman Manolachi owns the studio.

Manolachi says ballroom dancing also helps with endurance, flexibility and toning.

“The dancing actually helps to improve not only posture but all the muscles, especially the frame,” he said.

After Craig Davis had a heart attack, his cardiologist told him to get back to dancing.

“It’s a low-impact type workout and it’s definitely a cardio aerobic workout for sure,” Davis said. “Not only heart health, but cognitive health as well because you need to learn new steps and remember.”

Davis’ wife, Aryn Davis, says in addition to all the health benefits and new friends that come from the classes, dancing also helped reinvigorate their relationship.

“It helps with communication. It’s just romantic to be able to go out dancing,” Aryn Davis said.

In honor of hearth month, Fred Astaire Dance Studios are offering free ballroom dancing lessons to new students for the month of February.

Stephanie Stahl