By Dan Koob

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There’s a lot of love in the air Friday. Valentine’s Day started off great in Philadelphia with couples getting married at Love Park and at City Hall. But that doesn’t mean everyone has things planned.

Throughout the day, Eyewitness News has been finding people getting their last-minute shopping done or thoughtful ideas expressed.

At Love Park,  Philly Typewriter has tables where you can write a poem to your loved one.

“We sit them down, they have their own stationery. They can get a little personal,” Bill Rhoda said. “It’s bitter cold today but people have been coming over and they really want to do it so they’ve been great.”

Then hitch a ride to the Northeast, where Stein Flowers has been churning out the stems all day.

“I know there’s like 60 pick-up orders upstairs so they’ll be coming for those. When guys start getting off work we’ll have eight to nine guys at a time. You’ll see them just running back and forth,” Stein Flowers owner Patrick Kelly said.

But as time wears on, it’s also running out if you forgot about it.

“I gotta get some flowers, man, it’s on the rush. I’m forgetful. But I love my woman so I gotta make sure she’s got something,” said one man who waited until the last minute.