By Alecia Reid

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Authorities continue their investigation into the death of a man in police custody. It happened during a physical confrontation Wednesday with officers outside of a Logan Rite Aid.

Police say body cameras were rolling and the police commissioner has seen it. Now the investigation into Wednesday’s confrontation continues.

“Why did he have to hit him? Why would he have to do something like that?” one woman said.

After Narcan was administered and the 28-year-old man regained consciousness, police say he was belligerent.

“He starts moving around, basically throwing himself to the ground and getting back up,” Philadelphia Police Staff Inspector Sekou Kinebrew said.

In order to subdue and get the man in an ambulance, the confrontation got physical.

“An officer did strike him with a closed fist in the face area. The male was ultimately subdued and placed in the rear of a fire department medic vehicle and was transported to Einstein Hospital,” Kinebrew said. “But while en route to Einstein, he became unresponsive again.”

Now investigators are looking for other vantage points so there can be a comprehensive investigation.

“This is a unit that is very transparent and is always looking to get to the bottom of things, and do a good job of following the evidence,” Police Advisory Commissioner Executive Director Hans Menos said.

The medical examiner is currently determining a cause of death.

“I guess the truth will come out soon,” one man said.

The Philadelphia Police Department does not usually release body cam footage to the public.

There’s hope commissioner Danielle Outlaw will authorize a change to the policy in hopes of increased transparency to the public.