By Natasha Brown

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A couple found love after tragedy and then enjoyed an unforgettable wedding. They have the Philadelphia Eagles to thank for helping make their wedding wishes come true. Their remarkable journey is chronicled in a new docuseries produced by the Eagles.

The docuseries is called “Sincerely Patience.”

“Dear Philadelphia Eagles, my name is Patience Carter,” Carter said.

It all started with an email and a heart-wrenching description of one of the darkest days in her life.

“I am a survivor of the Pulse Nightclub shooting,” Carter said. “My fiancé, Alex Murray, lost his young sister, Akeera.”

CBS3 sat down with Carter and Murray just ahead of a docuseries “Sincerely Patience,” produced by Eagles Entertainment.

The docuseries chronicles their journey from loss to love to their marriage at Lincoln Financial Field.

“The summer of 2016, I was invited to go to his cousin’s family vacation,” Carter said. “It was our first night out, just a girls’ night out, supposed to be a night of fun. At the very end of the night, when we were waiting for our Uber, that’s when we started to hear the gunshots go over the music.”

Carter was shot in both legs while Murray’s sister was one of the many victims killed inside Pulse Nightclub that night.

Murray’s and Carter’s lasting connection in the days that followed supersedes words.

“We made eye contact in a way that I feel like it was spiritual and that made me want to learn more about him and just talk to him,” Carter said.

“We just definitely wanted to be there for each other because we understood each other through the midst of all that had happened and God blessed us,” Murray said.”

After dating for about a year, Murray popped the question, but a traditional wedding venue just wouldn’t due — especially not for Murray, a former college football player and huge Eagles fan.

So they took a chance and reached out to the Eagles.

“It would mean the world to us to unite on the greatest football field on earth,” Carter said.

On Aug. 25, 2019, Murray and Carter got married on the 50-yard line at the Linc.

“This is, at the heart of it, a wedding story, a love story. It’s unusual to have a love story come from an NFL team, but in this case, given they were two fans that we connected with, it made perfect sense,” Eagles Senior VP of Marketing Jen Kavanagh said.

It was a dream come true for a young Philly couple who turned tragedy into a magical moment of marital bliss.

“Faith, hope, courage and confidence, we’re hoping that people get from this. Don’t be stagnant, chase your dreams, chase the person you love,” Murray said.

Murray and Carter live in the Ft. Lauderdale area now. The three-part docuseries premieres Thursday at the NovaCare Complex in South Philadelphia.

It’s invite-only and Carter and Murray will be flanked by family and friends watching it together.

The docuseries will be available for the public to watch beginning Friday at — just in time for Valentine’s Day.