By Chandler Lutz

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Two dancers are celebrating 50 years of teaching generations of students at their South Philadelphia studio. On South 11th and Mountain Streets sits a hidden gem.

Lining the walls are its history and memories of the past five decades.

“To have this and 50 years later…” said Lorraine Speziale, who paused as she teared up.

She and her sister, Lucille Bunnion, are the owners of Lorie-Lu School of Dance. Both grew up loving dance, each later mastering their own style. They’ve been dancing since they can remember.

“I guess I was about 5,” Bunnion said.

“All I ever knew was dance. That’s all I ever knew,” Speziale said.

In 1970, a 16-year-old Speziale and 21-year-old Bunnion decided to open up their own school.

“We got three mirrors, bars, and a record player,” Speziale said.

Bunnion handles the younger students, teaching them tap. When they are older, Speziale teaches them ballet and jazz.

What makes Lorie-Lu School of Dance special is the generations that have come through the doors, only ever taught by the two sisters.

“They get married, they moved on, they had kids. They brought them here,” Bunnion said.

“Did you ever think you would make it 50 years and, in 2020, to your 50th recital?” asked Chandler Lutz.

“Never! Never!” Speziale said.

“We just went on every year,” Bunnion said.

“This place is a landmark,” said their niece, Gail Pellicane. “I think the reason why they come back is because of Lorraine and Lucille. The kids have a special attachment to both of them.”

Here’s 3 Cheers to Lorraine and Lucille, 50 years of teaching and being a part of their students’ lives.

The sisters plan on celebrating 50 years the same way they celebrate every year — by holding a recital for their students and families in June.

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