By Howard Monroe

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia police released surveillance video Tuesday after a woman was beaten and robbed on a busy stretch of South Broad Street. The attack happened in mid-January but police just released the video in hopes of catching the suspects.

Police say the woman just walked out of the Tasker-Morris subway station when she was attacked by three other women.

News of the attack comes a day after a huge anti-violence community meeting was held in South Philly.

After seeing the video, people are left shocked and stunned.

The video shows the 40-year-old victim being attacked and robbed at Broad and Morris Streets in South Philadelphia.

“It’s women doing it too? Oh my goodness. That’s horrible, it’s so brutal,” said Kris Brown, who lives nearby.

“I would never expect someone would get mugged in full view of all this,” said Kelly Ryan, who also lives nearby.

The attack happened at 9 p.m. on Jan. 16.

Police say the woman was repeatedly kicked as the suspects tried to wrestle her purse from her hands.

Police say the attack lasted for more than a minute.

Some are questioning why no one came to the victim’s defense.

“I’ve been down here at night time so there’s people here so it’s not like nobody couldn’t say something when you see three people ganging up on one person, dragging them down the street. It’s kind of crazy,” said Desiree Thomas, who frequents the area.

Police say it’s not clear how old the suspects are but say they are in their late teens or early 20s.

“It’s rather brazen. It was relatively late at night — 9 p.m., after sundown. But it’s still brazen,” Philadelphia Police Staff Inspector Sekou Kinebrew said.

One of the major things to come out of Monday night’s anti-violence meeting was “if you see something, say something.” So police are hoping you recognize the three women in that video and give them a call.

If you have any information regarding this incident, contact the South Detective Division at 215-686-3013.