By Vittoria Woodill

WYNNEFIELD, Pa. (CBS) — A unique Black History Month celebration is underway at Philadelphia’s Wynnefield Library. Artistic talent is on display by taking the incredible stories of African Americans out of the history books and creating 3D art to bring their stories to life.

“All of us should expose our children to our cultures. They may not get that at home but they can get that here at the library,” assistant librarian Ethel Funches said.

(credit: CBS3)

At the Wynnefield Free Library, faces of freedom, courage and heroism are coming to life in 3D art.

The Black History Month 3D Art Display is a two-day project created by Funches to bring the stories of these iconic black Americans out of the history books and into the hands of the community.

(credit: CBS3)

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Vittoria Woodill