PLYMOUTH MEETING, Pa. (CBS) — Shoppers at a Montgomery County mall were given free Girl Scout Cookies thanks to a man’s generous act of kindness. A group of Girl Scout members were selling cookies at the Plymouth Meeting Mall on Feb. 2 when a man walked up and told them he wanted to buy all 87 boxes of cookies — but there was a twist.

He only took one box of cookies, leaving the girls with more than 80 boxes of cookies that were already paid for. The girls decided to go around the mall and give the cookies to shoppers and mall employees.

Marie Kovach said everyone was “thankful and dumbfounded at the same time.”

“The Girls and Adults didn’t know what to do when the man said he would buy them all… then best of all he took one box and the girls got to run around the mall distributing the cookies he bought to those at the mall! Everyone was thankful and dumbfounded at the same time. Such an overwhelming act of kindness,” Kovach wrote.