PRINCETON, N.J. (AP/CBS) — Princeton University says more than 100 students who recently traveled to China were in self-isolation over the weekend amid the rapidly spreading coronavirus outbreak in that country. The university has ordered students, faculty and staff members who recently traveled to China to self-isolate.

University spokesman Michael Hotchkiss said Monday more than 100 undergraduate and graduate students have done so and are required to confine themselves for 14 days following their last time in China.

As of Monday evening, the university says less than 20 people are self-quarantined and the number is expected to further decline.

Hotchkiss said the needs of individual students are being evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The school says there is no confirmed case among the university community.

Princeton has also banned students, faculty and staff from traveling to China on university business or as part of university-sponsored programs.