By Vittoria Woodill

YARDLEY, Pa. (CBS) — Most restaurants offer different menus throughout the day. One place in Yardley doesn’t just change up their menu — it changes up its entire establishment.

You won’t want to miss the exciting eatery that changes its feathers from day to night in Bucks County. In the morning, the popular Yardley spot is dressed as Pretty Bird Coffee Roasters.

It’s the cool coffee house serving craft coffee and eats that the locals love.

But in the evening, it gets even prettier as Kawaii Tori, where the coffee bar turns into a sushi bar that sends taste buds soaring roll by roll.

“When you walk in here during the day there’s no hint of sushi and when you walk in here during the night there’s no hint of coffee,” said?

It’s sort of a strange bird — two totally different restaurants under one roof? But, it’s also kind of brilliant.

“We put candles on the table, change the lighting, new artwork,” owner Jim Cain said.

Cain says these two birds seamlessly fly together because it’s a two-for-one win for the Yardley community.

“It’s a really quaint, blueholic little town and it was really commercial and it didn’t really have a vibrant downtown and we saw that as an opportunity,” Cain said.

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Vittoria Woodill