By Cleve Bryan

WILDWOOD, N.J. (CBS) — The crowds are gone and Wildwood returned to its quiet winter days on Wednesday. Thousands descended on the boardwalk on Tuesday to rally for President Donald Trump and on Wednesday, the boardwalk was empty.

Work crews spent most of Wednesday cleaning up after Tuesday’s rally as Wildwood business owners reveled in their one-day boost in sales.

“It was very exciting to be here and to support our president,” a Trump supporter said.

Trump supporters made their way home from Wildwood on Wednesday after packing out the Convention Center and nearby parking lots on Tuesday for the president’s “Keep America Great” rally.

“It was a great experience. Nothing like it, being amongst all the supporters of President Trump,” Tom Ignoscia, of Red Bank, New Jersey, said.

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The areas littered with trash, chairs and blankets after the rally are all back to normal and businesses that welcomed in the president’s supporters are savoring the offseason sales.

Michael Lerro at the Bolero Resort says the steady stream of customers got a kick out of its specialty drink menu with the MAGArita. The Sanders drink, which you bought only to immediately give away, became a viral sensation.

“So we did have a couple of people order the Bernie Sanders,” Lerro said. “We had to make sure they knew what they were doing. ‘You’re sure you want us to take  your money and give it to somebody else?’ So they said, ‘Yeah, we know.’ I guess they wanted it on the receipt for a souvenir so it worked out pretty well.”

Democratic Mayor Pete Byron says he’s disappointed he wasn’t invited to Trump’s rally, but he says the event was a big win for the resort town.

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Byron estimated about 15,000 people came to the Convention Center and more watched around town.

Police didn’t have any major issues and visitors for and against the president were, by and large, respectful.

“If you want to give the president my phone number and ask him to give me a shout, I’ll be happy to invite him back again,” Byron said.

With all of the trash in the dumpsters, things returned to its quiet, slow winter pace in Wildwood, though this summer the town could have an event five-to-10 times bigger than the president’s rally when Carrie Underwood and Blake Shelton headline a country music festival.