By Alexandria Hoff

EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — Ahead of Super Bowl Sunday, a campaign is underway in Atlantic County to inform adults about the penalties they face for supplying alcohol to minors. Plenty of people are already stocking up for the big game this Sunday. And in many cases, that means cases of beer.

Some local teens are on a mission to make sure that alcohol is shared legally.

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This is not something you normally want to see: Teenagers combing through racks of beer in a liquor store.

But the group wasn’t inside Joe Canal’s in Egg Harbor Township trying to buy booze, but rather to make sure fellow young people don’t get their hands on it.

“With the Super Bowl coming up, this is important because a lot of teenagers will try to drink and they will have adults or older siblings purchase it for them,” said Lynn Daneguy, an Egg Harbor Township high schooler.

The coalition Join Together Atlantic County, along with members of the youth empowerment program Stand Up and Rebel, held a sticker shock event.

“That’s when we bring the big rolls of orange stickers — which you see here — and we just put them on the boxes to remind anyone to not provide alcohol to underage minors,” said Amanda Hartman, with Join Together Atlantic County.

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Credit: CBS3

That reminder includes the penalties of doing so — up to six months of jail time or a $1,000 fine.

Stand Up and Rebel has several chapters. The students taking part in this sticker shock event are from Egg Harbor High School.

“Personally, I’ve seen many teens in my school drinking, using drugs and it’s important to educate the parents out there, even their older siblings don’t do that for them,” Daneguy said.

If it seems like no big deal to pick up a pack and let the kids have fun, then these stickers are a necessary dose of reality.

“Just to be that little bright orange reminder like, ‘Hey, maybe think twice about this.’ And in that, if we diminish just a little bit, I think we have accomplished our goal because every little bit counts,” Hartman said.

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These sticker shock campaigns take place several times a year, typically before holidays when alcohol purchases are plentiful.