PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A new art experience is giving visitors a chance to interact with the artwork. Wonderspaces opens at the Fashion District Philadelphia on Friday.

The 24,000-square-foot art show is the first of its kind on the East Coast. There are 14 exhibits including The Sweet Spot, which features 19 miles of string.

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“This is The Sweet Spot. It is a meditation on the color and pleasure of seeing. The piece has 24 colors but as you move slowly, you are looking at an immersive color experience,” said Causey.

The Sweet Spot took a month to put together with the help of 85 volunteers.

Wonderspaces focuses on interactive art created by artists all over the world.

“They’re all very different  from each other but they’re all truly extraordinary,” Wonderspaces President Jason Shin said.

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The 14 exhibits not only spark conversation but also allow visitors to collaborate.

“Your movement turns into splashes of color on the wall,” Shin said.

Another piece is called Submergence and it’s meant to make you feel like you’re underwater. It’s described as an ocean of light, comprised of more than 8,000 LED bulbs.

“That takes you through a wide tandem of feelings and emotions,” Shin said. “You’re right up in it.”

The show’s theme over the first few months is perspective but “The Last Word” is more introspective.

It calls for visitors to anonymously write something left unsaid — something you wish to get off your chest.

“This installation allows you to unburden yourself of that thing you’re going onto by writing on a scroll, putting it into this wall of scrolls and then reading other folks,” Shin said.

Wonderspaces isn’t a one-time visit either. Once the season changes, so will the artwork.

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It’s a destination for family and friends with art that everyone can appreciate.